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Best Help2Pay Casinos in the Philippines 2023

In the Philippines, online casino games have been an emerging hobby for many, including people from the spectrum of economic classes. Pinoys want safe and reliable casino gambling opportunities online. 

This write up aims to quickly assist you in discovering a top casino that welcomes players from your nation and uses Help2Pay as a form of payment. If you continue reading on, the contents of this very informative article will offer you the best selection of casinos that will satisfy your needs. The choice is particularly common in Southeast Asia. Utilizing google search options is one method to accomplish that, add the search option on online casino review pages too.

You may search using a variety of filters to find the best Help2Pay casinos. By doing so, you’ll be able to find top websites that are accessible in your nation or provide the specific bonus you’re seeking for.

Get the info on Help2Pay

Help2Pay is a thorough payment gateway that provides reliable, real-time, and market-specific solutions. This payment platform offers a completely automated and configurable platform, integration tools, and round-the-clock customer assistance to businesses. 

It accepts the Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), Thai Baht (THB), Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), Vietnamese Dong (VND), and, as of recently, the Philippine Peso (PHP). These are the currencies of the most popular Southeast Asian markets. 

With your e-commerce firm, the outstanding Merchant Risk Guarantee helps to reduce any risk. You are protected from fraud, scams, and other criminal conduct with our one-time money-back guarantee.

Help2Pay acts as a sort of middleman. It  handles payments between online casinos and banks in Southeast Asian nations. By doing this, it  gives you the option to fund online casinos without disclosing your bank information. Think of Help2Pay as a technological link between your bank and the betting site.

It was first introduced in 2013 and is frequently used to make online bets. The payment gateway, however, chooses to focus on a region that few of its significant competitors serve. As a result, Help2Pay now controls a large portion of the gambling market in Southeast Asia. Today, Help2Pay is recognized as one of the most reliable ways to transfer money and is associated with a wide range of banks in important Asian nations.

Get info on Help2Pay Online Casino in the PH

To give the Pinoy gambler a head start, a list of online casinos Philippines can currently access has been meticulously curated. 

Players from Southeast Asia can rely on Help2Pay as a solution because not all online casino players from different nations have access to all of the payment options provided by different casino sites. 

Since it serves as the intermediary between players, their banks, and their online casinos in the most secure manner, this is a solution provided by several casinos that cater to players from the region. Due to the simplicity it provides, it is one of the most widely used solutions among gamers from Southeast Asian nations.

Here are the Help2Pay casino in the PH

  1. MCW or Mega Casino World – a safe, reliable, online casino and sportsbook that offers a vast range of game options including the very exciting Live Casino. With fast and convenient transaction offerings available. 
  2. 22Bet – a real casino designed for the experienced gambler, specifically the one engaged in casinos online with real money. The platform has the usual slots, table games, and live casino.
  3. 1XBet – a casino that has been operating for quite along time now. The operators and developers know just what the Pinoy gamer craves. Easy and safe gambling possibilities.

Why online casino players pick Help2Pay

Help2Pay is one of the best options for gamers in Southeast Asia, and it is unquestionably reliable because it is connected to banks in various different nations. Additionally, it is well-liked by online casinos because it is simple to incorporate into their payment methods. 

With the exception of withdrawals, Help2Pay should not cost anything to use, processes deposits quickly, and has a completely secure back office thanks to its Help2Pay API, encryption technology, and purchase protection. Any player thinking about using Help2Pay to make a deposit at an online casino may want to take into account the following benefits and drawbacks.


This payment platform option has amazingly instant or quick deposit times. This may be used to pay and transact with these currencies mentioned already just above in this article, PHP, MYR, IDR, VND, THB. Users of Help2Pay are assured of secure and encrypted interactions with the banks and the casino listed here. Great perk is that they do not necessarily require fees for depositing.


There may be a very small inconvenience of being available in limited countries in Asia. Philippines is included in the access though.

Some may arguably deem this platform as not so easily available after all.

Slow transactions when the earnings may somewhat be a let down.

Summary and conclusion of info on Help2Pay

Players in most nations across the world won’t find Help2Pay to be very useful. Help2Pay is perhaps one of the greatest payment methods you can use at casinos if you happen to be based in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, or Thailand. It enables you to protect your personal information from the aforementioned websites by standing between the casino and your bank. Alternatives to Help2Pay that are suitable for players from other countries include Rapid Transfer, Interact, and Trustly – GCash and Paymaya in the Philippines.

Why should you use Help2Pay, or try it at the very least?

Switch to Help2Pay to avoid delays and problems with cash flow. You can request a settlement at any time, and it will be handled within 3 hours thanks to the remarkable and extensive portfolio of settlement methods, which includes USDT, SWIFT, SEPA, and Bitcoin!

Avoid cash flow issues and long wait periods when you switch to Help2Pay. Help2Pay helps players engage the platform to skip the hassle of waiting for cash flow issues to resolve. The platform’s comprehensive portfolio of settlement options includes USDT, SWIFT, SEPA and surprisingly Bitcoin as well, meaning you can request a settlement at any time, and have it processed within 3 hours.

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